October 26, 2007


Welcome to Speaking Boricua. Here I hope to introduce Puerto Rican speech to you, as well as culture and other fundamentals necessary to understand Puerto Rico.

You, the reader, are:
- An American learning Spanish who wants to be able to understand (difficult) Puerto Rican Spanish
- An American just interested in other cultures in general
- A Spanish-speaker of another country interested in Puerto Rico
- A Puerto Rican living on the mainland wanting to learn about your/your family's culture
- A Puerto Rican on the island hoping to correct me (which is fine)

I, the author, am a university student who is fascinated by Puerto Rico, particularly the language. I study various languages but my passion will always be Puerto Rican Spanish. I've traveled multiple times to the island, staying for various amounts of time with friends and their families. I also spend a lot of time stateside with my good friend, who is Puerto Rican. I hope I'll be able to share this amazing language and culture with you.

Some things I'll be writing about: use of language (obviously), culture, history, music, politics, food, and more. I plan on using youtube to demonstrate some of this, as well as my own personal photos, experience, and research.

Also, this blog is in English, since it is intended mostly for English-speakers learning about Puerto Rico. However, I'll also include materials in Spanish, hopefully with a synopsis in English.


LadyStar said...

Interesting. Good luck with the blog! *this is ladystar @ lj*

G@ttoGiallo said...

Me, a reader, hi hi... I'm italian, leaving in France and interested in anything writingshootingreadingblogging... ouf!
Good night.

Maria de L Salas said...

un saludo desde Inglaterra, Aqui los boricuas estamos botaos! se can 2 y llegan 5 familias! Muchos en el Air Force, nos juntamos y la pasamos super! En cualquier parte del mundo siempre con nuestra bandera en alto, VIVA PUERTO RICO

Maria de L Salas said...

van dos*