March 25, 2008

Semana Santa in Puerto Rico

So, my favorite Swede living in Puerto Rico (not that there are that many anyways!) asked me how Puerto Ricans celebrate Easter and semana santa in comparison to Spain and other parts of Latin America.

I have quite a disappointing answer for you. Really, Easter in Puerto Rico is a watered down version of the Spanish Easter. Some things are kept faithful (like bacalao, of course... it's basically eaten every day), but if there is a procession somewhere in the island it must be pretty small. Mostly Easter is celebrated with families and/or in church. Although this is just coming from personal accounts, I haven't actually been in the island for Easter. So perhaps it is worth investigating yourself!

I personally blame it on Christmas since it is such a huge deal in Puerto Rico and it must wear everyone out. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing!

If anyone has an anecdote to share about Easter in the island, please share!


Paola said...

Catholics and devoted Christians celebrate Easter by going to church, preparing special meals, etc.. However, the main connotation with Easter is family time and "playa" beach. It depends on your family of course if during Easter the family will go on a skiing holiday to a cold place or spend the week doing water sports: water skiing, kayaking, sailing, feeling like a pirate, eating good food, and enjoying your family. Other people catch up on house work, stay at home, and pray. ;)
- This are just some examples from my time living in Puerto Rico...more than 15 yrs, and yes I am Puerto Rican. ;) - Paola Emelina

Anonymous said...

My name is Jimmy and i lived in Puerto Rico for about 18 years, and the week of easter or semana santa we dont have school for that week and we spent that whole week going church praying and and doing religious practices such as making promises and some superstisions tradition, on thursday on that week on the church that i use to go we used to walk with a jesus christ statute according to what las escrituras said which you see jesus walking with the cross on friday we walk again but this time jesus is crusified some people chastise themself some people walked bared foooted accomplishing old promises. then on saturday we have jesus in like coffin and on sunday the coffin is empty representing his asscend and ressurection. during that time we dont eat no red meat only fish, i am from Puerto Rico from mayaguez. Thats how we used to celebrated back in 1996 and before i left in 1997.