June 4, 2009

El GPS Boricua

A friend (you know who you are!) posted this video and I thought it was just too funny to not post. If you've ever been driving in Puerto Rico you'll know exactly what this is talking about. It is in Spanish though.


Diane Cutter said...

Wonderful!!! I felt right at home...

N said...

Love it! Are you the author of the book? If so, I wrote you a few years ago. Good to see the site!

nory said...

the translation is something like this (as close as i could)
Boricua GPS
I am your boricua GPS
In order to arrive save
To your destination
Please follow these instructions
Cut someone off to the right
And, after the mango tree
Turn left
If there’s a traffic jam
Drive on the shoulder lane
As fast as you can
So the police don’t catch you
If you can make miracles
Avoid street holes
In order to not fuck up the car
At the traffic light
If the light is yellow
Please accelerate your vehicle
So you don’t get the red light
Remember you have 2 ears
You can use 2 celphones at the same time
Stop at a speakeasy
To buy a beer
Because the body asks for it
When you pass the cliff to your right
Ask the first person you see how to get to your destination
Thanks for using your Boricua GPS

Accommodation in Dublin said...

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Work and travel said...

I love puerto rico.. The girls, the atmosphere and everything about it.

papote said...

LMAO this was funny as hell

TheSeeker said...

LOL!!! por poco me meo de la risa!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Todavia me estoy riendo. Falto lo de seguir la ambulancia si tiene la sirena puesta para no coger tapon. XD

Anonymous said...

This is hysterical, whether your from NYC or Puerto Rico, it's rings true!


jonsquared said...

that's hilarious! i lived in PR for 3 years and have always considered driving there an extreme sport. :) thanks for posting this. saludos!

Sydney Hotels said...

This is really funny. Well, I can also do this though. Hehehe... Nice one!

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