February 21, 2008

A Few Current Events: the Eclipse, an Art Collection, and the Teachers' Strike

As everyone probably knows, last night was a lunar eclipse. I found this amazing photo of an eclipse by the faro (lighthouse) in Arecibo and I had to share it!

Also, I just stumbled upon this page with a variety of Puerto Rican art. It's not a collection of my favorites, but there are some that are definitely interesting, particularly those from Campeche and "Goyita" (a friend of mine's mother is nearly identical to the woman in that painting!). Apparently this is a selection of what is up at the Galeria Nacional in Viejo San Juan, in which case I will definitely be going next time I am in the island!

Another thought: I've been eying the news about the impeding teacher's strike but apparently it is more serious than I would have suspected. Apparently 10 protesting teachers have been detained and there have been some injuries. It's really unfortunate that it has to come to this and I really hope that it can be settled soon. If you want more information, a great article (along with a video) can be found here... but it is in Spanish.

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