April 1, 2008

More Politics in Puerto Rico... Oy vey!

Not that "oy vey" is a Puerto Rican expression (for most anyhow), but that is how I felt and so it had to be written.

It's getting a bit difficult to catch up with all these political posts in various locations, even though I feel like they are all important. So let's get these out of the way.

First off, in relation to the upcoming U.S. election, here are two blog posts, one saying Hillary doesn't have a chance at winning and the other saying the exact opposite. I would have liked to see a bit more depth in both, although the second does have an interesting debate in the comments. I'm expecting better though!

Also, it seems as though there have been various meetings to discuss Puerto Rican independence, mostly by... people who aren't Puerto Rican. Okay... anyways, here is a short bit about some meeting apparently held in Mexico, although it seems to be initiated by Cubans (guessing by the blog anyways), and here is some information in Spanish about all of those same people as well as other representatives of Latin America confronting the UN.

Spanish: Partidos políticos de diferentes ideologías de toda Latinoamérica se unieron para impulsar ante los gobiernos de sus países un apoyo unánime ante la Organización de Naciones Unidas en favor de la independencia de Puerto Rico.

Con la participación del Frente Amplio Progresista (FAP), por parte de México, representado por Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, acordaron iniciar una serie de acciones encaminadas a terminar con la última colonia que existe en territorio latinoamericano y que es controlada por Estados Unidos.

El objetivo es que se llegue a la celebración del bicentenario de la independencia de Latinoamérica sin la existencia de una sola colonia.

English: Political parties of different ideologies from all of Latin America united to ask the governments of their respective countries to show their unanimous support at the United Nations in favor of Puerto Rican independence.

With the participation of the Broad Progressive Front (FAP in Spanish), on the part of Mexico, represented by Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, they agreed to initiate a series of actions on the path to terminate the last colony that exists in Latin American territory and which is controlled by the United States.

The objective is that they arrive at the bicentennial celebration of Latin American independence without the existence of a single colony.

Personally, I doubt it'll do anything, especially since this hasn't actually shown up in English-language news at all, but I'd be interested in seeing something accomplished there.

And now for a couple of wild cards: the first, slightly more predictable from me, is about music. Apparently there was some show called the "The Capeman" on Broadway (I'm really too young to know these things), and now they are redoing some of the music, most notably with the leader of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Oscar Hernández, and Obie Bermúdez, a popular latin singer. It sounds like the arrangements are stellar. If you're in Manhattan might want to stop by next week.

The second thing, which is... less predictable I suppose, is a few rules for getting married in Puerto Rico and specifically Vieques. They require a few STD/blood tests so you should definitely be prepared if that's your goal.

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