April 19, 2008

Word of the Week: Coquí!

Sorry I've been taking so long to write, life has kept me busy as usual. Moving on...

I was thinking about what to post and I realized there is something I really should have talked about by now: the coquí!

For those who have never been to the island, you're probably a bit confused. To those of you who have or are Puerto Rican, right now you are either sighing with nostalgia or thinking evil thoughts. Or both.

The coquí is a tiny brown frog from Puerto Rico. They are, like I said, tiny, usually about the size of a quarter or so, and they're quite easy to squish--it doesn't help that they're everywhere, too. Their name comes from the sound they make at night, coquí coquí, which is very loud and very high. If you live on the island either you get used to it (and miss it once it's gone) or you hate it.

They're a really popular figure on the island so they're put on every tourist thing you can imagine. If, after staying on the island, you've decided you like the sound and want to buy a souvenir with a coquí on it, for God's sake don't buy something with a green coquí on it. Coquís aren't green, yet stuff keeps getting made with green coquís on it. I don't understand.

Here's a great example. A friend got this from another friend (who, by the way, neither are smokers). On here is a bright green, cross-eyed coquí. Bleh! Actually, I think it's pretty funny (hence why I ended up with it).

Also, they have coquís in Hawaii because of an invasion on imported plants. Hawaiians hate them. Can't blame them.

... okay, I'm starting to sound really negative. I do love coquís, they're really cute and having the noise helps me fall asleep on the island. But I can definitely understand how they can be hated as well.

Here are some quite nice photos of a coquí. If you want to hear the sound, just youtube "coqui" and you should find plenty of videos of the little guys.

Personally, whenever I want to hear them, I have a little box that, when opened, plays the sound of the coquís. Really nice gift from some friends, I think. I also have a little coquí figure that's pretty cute.

Says "Canción de Puerto Rico" (the song of Puerto Rico).

Inside of the box, with an illustrated map of the island and the little coquís.


Minerva said...

This symbol of Puerto Rico is really loud! During the day my rain forest hideway is tranquil, with only some birds chirping and singing, but come evening and the noise beacomes deafening! And should it - God forbid - suddenly become quiet, it means - I learned - that a hurricane is approaching and you can then ponder whether to stay where you are or run for your life - but where???
P.S. you've been tagged. Please check my blog to learn the rules and answer the questions - I would really love to read your answers.

Speaking Boricua said...

Definitely stay, if you're in your giant cement block you should be fine! Hehe.

Sorry I've been taking so long to respond, I've been so busy. I'll stop by now though!