October 3, 2008

MTV is totally pimping Calle 13

You might have heard that Calle 13 has a new album coming out October 21st... okay, maybe not, but I sure did and I am ridiculously excited. They've offered some of the songs on iTunes, all of which have sounded great.

And then, with my roommate watching America's Next Top Model in the background, I realize I'm hearing him. Residente. Apparently they've picked the duo to get people to vote on MTV... which has both of them speaking in their mediocre English. It is, quite frankly, adorable. Obviously they're not half as eloquent in English as they are in Spanish, but that's what makes it so cute. They're also using some of his music for their show advertisements.

I tried to find the videos online but there aren't any. Instead, you'll have to content yourself with them performing some new and old songs. They have a great sound and PG-13 (the boys' sister who sings with them on several tracks) just keeps getting better and better. I'm already impressed with what I've seen of this album.

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I found a link to all of the calle 13 tv spots: