October 6, 2008

You'd think Daddy Yankee would know better than to get even more involved in politics...

While El Nuevo Día frivolously concerns itself with what he should wear, I am amazed that somehow Daddy Yankee is again getting involved with politics. Apparently he's going to be moderating the debate between the 5 candidates for governor along with some model named Yizette Cifredo.

La presencia de Daddy Yankee reconfirma que la política se ha vertido en parte del espectáculo mediático y en ese sentido se justifica la intervención de figuras de la cultura popular, explicó Roche.
Daddy Yankee's presence reconfirms that politics have partly turned into a media spectacle and in this sense the intervention of popular cultural figures is justified, explained Roche.
I agree completely. Except that this professor seems to be all right with this, and I'm not.

It's already hard enough to take politicians seriously, particularly on the island where one has just been arrested and one of the candidates (Aníbal, of course) for the governorship is facing huge problems as well. And so they choose someone who, aside from his reggaetón credentials, is already known for either not caring for Puerto Rican politics by deferring his attention to the presidential election or for being hopelessly ignorant of the fact that he can't vote in both. I'm pretty sure he's aware that he can't be involved in both, so I think it's safe to say that his endorsement of McCain was, aside from whatever purposes it had in swaying the American Latino population, a giant "screw you" to the Puerto Rican elections and all the political limitations of residence in the island. That is reason enough to not let him get anywhere near the upcoming Puerto Rican elections.

I don't know, guys. I'm baffled.

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clounis@convicciones said...

OMG, Ay bendito! No esta bien que entre nosotros los Puertorriquenos nos estemos tirando uno a otros…STOP. Yo admiro a Daddy Yankee for standing up to what he believes, el es un líder no un follower de la misma manera que Albizus Campo hizo en su tiempo. I am so sure that DY knows he cannot vote here in the states. However, I do see that he has mobilized the youth of PuertoRico and beyond, regardless they share his idea or not. I whish everyone starts getting involved. Thats what matters, dont you think?

I get alerts about puertorricans and this election. Que es lo q pasa? los tiempos han cambiado y nosotros que podemos hacer algo preferimos QUEDARNOS CALLADOS? WHATS UP WITH THAT?! No es tiempo de CALLAR, es tiempo de GRITAR! Que estamos cansados de ser ciudadanos de 2nd Class! Oh, btw, mi mama decía “la ropa sucia se lava en casa”. No le den motivos a los ENVIDIOSOS de otras partes de Latinoamérica que se rían de NOSOTRO…