August 26, 2008

Daddy Yankee and McCain: An Uncommon Couple

Last night I could not believe what la comay was telling me. Daddy Yankee endorsing John McCain? Would such a thing be possible?

Well, it is.

You can see the video of them together and some... commentary right here.


raquelzrivera said...

So what did La Comay say?! What kind of bochinche did she spin with it?

Petra H said...

My Spanish teacher got so pissed off when I told him the news - he hadn't heard it yet... Oh well, maybe Daddy Yankee should just stick to music!?

Speaking Boricua said...

La comay didn't really say too much, as I recall. I think it was a general WTF moment and so the bochinche did not extend much past that. I think it's because a commercial break was coming up so she ran out of time... hah.

Renee said...

I ALMOST wrote a blog about this, but I figured you probably already had. I guess he's willing to do anything for a little more gasolina. Pathetic.