August 18, 2008

A surprise

I am back on the island!

I know you're excited about that; if not, I am excited enough make up for it.

The next week and a half (I'm not going to be here too long, unfortunately) will hopefully bring lots of pleasant things to this blog! Or perhaps not; most of my writing while I'm not on the island is nostalgic memories, and now it will probably be more like non-nostalgic grievances as I get re-acquainted with reality.

... just kidding, it's not that bad.

Anyways, I'll be trying to post often while I'm still here.


Petra H said...

Welcome back! And it will be interesting to read about your new impressions! Where are you staying when in PR?

Renee said...

I HATE that we missed each other!!!!!!! Have fun, and don't worry about blogging, you can always do it when you get back.