August 19, 2008

A couple of observations

Being here, as opposed to relying on accounts from friends, is forcing me to take note of things that have changed since I was last here about a year ago. A few thoughts:

  1. Elections are coming up. I mean, not that I didn't know that before; even from afar it was pretty obvious. But the intensity of these elections contrasts with the as-of-yet lackluster American elections--or rather, maybe they seem that way because I've been here a bit over a day and it's already rubbed off on me. Anyways, there are political ads (several of them pretty funny) on the television every couple of commercials, the signs are everywhere, and yelling names of candidates at random strangers is perfectly okay.
  2. Puerto Rico is starting to catch onto the whole "green" trend. Every couple of news items includes something about it. But of course, the island still has a very far way to go and it'll be a long time before things really change.
  3. This is a bit more personal but man did I miss the food! Coming to a home and getting fresh food with all the flavor I haven't had in forever has just been great. I'm really going to miss this.

In other news, Aníbal is being charged with 5 additional crimes, bringing him up from 20 to 25. I have nothing to say about this, it's that pathetic.


Petra H said...

The political ads have been increasing in numbers lately, and some names were new to me when I came back after more than 6 weeks in Europe. However, quite a few political signs have been up since I arrived in November last year!!
Cars driving around with loudspeakers announcing different candidates are also becoming more common but we saw a huge political rally already in February in the mountains!

msdee said...

I am looking forward to my visit in September. This would be the first time I will visit PR near election time. Should be interesting.

I am looking forward to moving there in a year and a half yay!

One thing though if one more person offers me mayokatchup I'll scream LOL