August 12, 2008

A Head's Up

Just warning everyone: there are two large tropical storms heading towards the island, both supposed to hit on Thursday. There's a possibility they get weaker first though, or even miss the island entirely, of course. Anyways, be ready, don't move into that low-lying house on the beach quite yet if you can help it and don't make hotel reservations on Culebra for Wednesday and Thursday night. Seriously though, most houses, especially those not on the water (or perched precariously on the tops of mountains--you know who you are), are pretty sturdy. Close your windows and doors and use common sense with the storm... if it comes.

1 comment:

Petra H said...

Thanks for the warning, we will keep our fingers crossed that the storms weaken before hitting us.
Did you hear by the way that the buses are free until the elections!? Apparently the governor has decided to make public transport (not the tren urbano though) free... the question is though: who is paying? Apparently it is a success, the bus was completely full yesterday when I was going back home from Isla Verde!