August 17, 2008

A couple tourism ideas

First off, Petchie points out that buses are currently free until December. As she accurately points out, it is a cheap and sad voting ploy--but it still is a free ride. Take advantage of it.

The ever-reliable Renee has written about rum and how to get it for free... at least as a starting point. A side note: if you ever want a great guide to drinking in the island, there is a TV show called "Three Sheets" which hilariously introduces some of it here. The show is on some obscure Cable+ channel but you can watch it on Hulu for free. Go watch it.

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Petra H said...

Thanks for the link to my blog post! There are new (??) buses as well, and everybody is a little confused - the B21 to / from the OSJ now has a rival, the C53 going all the way from Isla Verde to OSJ via Condado. I took it from Isla Verde yesterday and at every bus stop people asked about the route!