June 5, 2008

Quick! Go to San Juan TOMORROW!

It's probably too late for this, but for those of you who have the opportunity, the tren urbano (metro) is going to be free tomorrow in honor of the 3 year anniversary of the ATI (Integrated Transportation Alternative), or at least so says the paper. That's in comparison to a normal $1.50-per-ride fare. Sounds good to me.

Here's a list of the stops, courtesy of Wikipedia:

* Sagrado Corazón (Sagrado Corazón)
* Hato Rey (Golden Mile / José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum)
* Roosevelt (Golden Mile)
Tren Urbano at the Roosevelt Station.
Tren Urbano at the Roosevelt Station.
* Domenech (Hato Rey)
* Piñero (Hato Rey)
* Universidad (Río Piedras / University of Puerto Rico)
* Río Piedras (Río Piedras)
* Cupey
* Centro Médico (University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus)
* San Francisco
* Las Lomas
* Martínez Nadal
* Torrimar (Guaynabo)
Torrimar Station
Torrimar Station
* Jardines
* Deportivo (Juan Ramón Loubriel Stadium)
* Bayamón (Bayamón)

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