June 1, 2008

Hillary won... duh

So not surprisingly Hillary has completely dominated the Puerto Rican primaries. My goodness, the excitement is killing me.

I did find it interesting, though, that only about 15% of the island showed up to vote, which is a remarkably low turnout. Plus the independentistas pulled off a 2000-people protest in San Juan--pretty impressive considering school was out (UPR in Río Piedras is notorious for having large protests for just about anything, either for political motives or because it cancels classes for a couple of days). I feel as if it were all for a lost cause, however, since American media didn't even bat an eyelash (I checked).

Also, a certain pompous governor has claimed the victory for the status he supports and his own political motives, rather than for Hillary. I found this a little strange...

"Felicito a la senadora Clinton por su victoria de hoy, pero el verdadero triunfador de estas primarias en Puerto Rico fue el Estado Libre Asociado, porque tanto la senadora por Nueva York como el también aspirante a la nominación presidencial demócrata, Barack Obama, asumieron compromisos firmes con Puerto Rico sin condicionarlos a un cambio de status”, dijo Acevedo Vilá.
"I congratulate Senator Clinton for her victory today, but the real winner of these primaries in Puerto Rico was the Free Associated State (Commonwealth), because both the New York Senator as well as the additional candidate to the Democratic presidential nomination, Barack Obama, made firm commitments with Puerto Rico without determining those to be a change in status," said Acevedo Vilá.

So... this entire primary lunacy has actually just been about the preservation of your political agenda? Wow. Nevermind that both candidates offered up statehood (or as close as they could get to describing it without straying away from please-everyone-middle-of-the-road politics) as a viable alternative to the current status. Well, I'm impressed.

Tomorrow: something other than politics. I know, I'm thrilled too.

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