June 15, 2008

A quick thought...

I've written about this before , so maybe read this post before I get started.

Today I went out to eat with my family to a Mexican restaurant, which I'm pretty sure is a chain, and in their overly enthusiastic attempts to be authentic, with photos and signs with the giant word "Hola" (not even kidding... I laughed), perhaps they overlooked the music. Nearly all of it was Puerto Rican salsa. That which wasn't included Thalía (who is actually Mexican) and Juanes (Colombian). But nearly all the music was Puerto Rican.

Mexico has a very large and diverse music industry that often gets swept aside in the U.S. for the more visible and recognizable salsa trumpets. Not that Puerto Rican music doesn't deserve it, but again Puerto Rican music is standing in for all of the music of Latin America.

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