May 31, 2008

Hillary on the island

So tomorrow are the primaries in Puerto Rico. Real quick I thought I'd leave a few articles on Hillary's visits there, since I haven't really mentioned it much... or something like that.

First off, I have to link to this article for two reasons; 1, there is a cute kid dancing for her, and 2, the title is "After brouhaha, Clinton tries to look ahead". Points for the word brouhaha! That's really about it for that article, but I enjoyed that all the same.

Apparently right now she's traipsing around Carolina, San Juan, Guaynabo, Bayamón, and Trujillo Alto. Road trip! She also stopped by the Medical school to talk about Medicare blah blah (important issue there though). On the other hand, a bunch of latin artists including Don Omar and Voltio made a music video supporting Obama. Hmm...

Here's another one about what the election means to Puerto Rico; it's not really about the result but rather the attention, it's still a waste because very likely the politicians will forget about Puerto Rico immediately afterwards, etc. Oops, it's not about Hill. Ah well. I think everyone knows I'm a sucker for these now and real sick of the candidates. Yep, that's all on politics until tomorrow. I've gotten so cynical about this whole mess that just thinking about it makes my head hurt. So it's time for a break.

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