May 12, 2008


Dominicans in Puerto Rico is probably a topic I'll return to later, since it's an important issue, but for now I wanted to share these two articles.

Apparently the numbers of Dominican illegal immigrants crossing into Puerto Rico through the Mona Pass (named for the tiny unpopulated Mona island off the West Coast of PR) has drastically lowered. I'm hoping it's for good reasons (improved economy?) than bad (more people getting caught?). Again... I'll deal with this later.

Second article is on baseball in the Dominican Republic. I chose to share it because, even though Puerto Ricans aren't quite this fanatical about baseball, it does give you an idea of the dedication involved. I (and a lot of other people) like to joke that the three sports of Puerto Rico are baseball, dominos, and politics. Har har. Anyways, the article is really interesting.

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