May 25, 2008

Puerto Rico on the Front Page

So I grab this morning's Washington Post and excitedly notice that Puerto Rico is on the front page in an article about Obama's visit (Hillary also stopped by Aguadilla but so far I've seen very little about it). Reading on, though, I begin to lose some enthusiasm...

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, May 24 -- Sen. Barack Obama swept across this island commonwealth Saturday, a visit that had the markings of a coda to a grueling primary campaign.

"Hóla, Puerto Rico! How's everybody doing today?" Obama shouted to a crowd gathered in Old San Juan, before he led dancing supporters along the seaside battlements for a raucous caminata, the traditional candidate parade. "I am thankful, I am grateful. . . . If we do well in Puerto Rico, there is no reason I will not be announcing that I am the Democratic nominee for president of the United States of America!"
Hóla?! Who does that? There's no accent by any means.

Anyways, the article goes on to talk about that elusive "Hispanic Vote" while hardly touching on the realities of the Puerto Rican primary or what Puerto Ricans want. Very frustrating read. Who let this guy write this?

Then I headed over to El Nuevo Día to find an interview with Obama, in which he basically says he can't do anything and that it's up to Puerto Ricans to decide their status. Also frustrating, I loathe evasive answers.

Well... we'll see what happens in a couple days. All this attention from the press certainly can't hurt his campaign. Hillary... I don't even know. You should be campaigning on the island!

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