January 29, 2008

Gabriel Rios

This is a video of Gabriel Rios, called "Broad Day Light". I kind of stumbled on him by accident. He's Puerto Rican from the island, but now is quite famous in Belgium of all places. His music in English is really interesting, very European feel...

... but his music in Spanish sounds much more latin. It's as if he's a different artist.

Anyways, I can't stop listening to him. So I recommend it (at least to younger people).

(By the way, I promise there will be a real entry soon!)


Petra H said...

Funny, I lived in Belgium for 5.5 years and never heard Gabriel Rios - I heard of him, but didn't discover his music! Now I live in Puerto Rico and should find out more about this singer!

Speaking Boricua said...

Interesting. I do know that no one in Puerto Rico knows who he is, although I think he would be quite popular in PR for his blend of different genres, all of which appeal to the island's musical senses.