January 3, 2008

Pictures from San Juan -- the beach and Christmas decorations!

My good friend from the island is there now and she went to San Juan to see the beach yesterday. She also got a few shots of the city.

Yeah, the Christmas decorations are still up, of course. I feel just a bit jealous looking at the decorations and the pictures of the beach, neither of which I can find here in the States. As far as most of the U.S. is concerned, Christmas is over and the beach is just too cold!

The beach is el Escambrón, by the way.

Wish you could be there? If you're in luck (or just in NYC), you can. JetBlue has lowered prices for New Years from JFK. Flights to San Juan are $119, and getting to Aguadilla (on the east side of the island) is $109.

Boston, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale also have reduced fares to the island. From Boston it's $99 to get to San Juan. FL is offering flights to Ponce (in the South) for $59 and Orlando's flying to all three mentioned cities for $79.

So what are you waiting for?

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