December 31, 2007

New Year's in Puerto Rico and Calle 13's La Ley de Gravedad

New Year's... okay, it isn't so exciting, the celebration is about the same in PR as it is in the U.S. So I don't want to spend a lot of time on that. Instead, I'm going to talk about something else: shooting up in the air for the new year.

I think this also happens in parts of the U.S. and other countries, although Puerto Rico really makes a big deal of it, since it has killed quite a few people recently. Campaigns against it, however, have kept everyone safe the last two years.

Part of the campaigns included some help from Calle 13 (13th Street), a popular reggaeton duo. They're known for their witty lyrics mocking Puerto Rican society and politics. They released the song "La Ley de Gravedad" (The Law of Gravity) with some success in ending the unnecessary deaths.

Anyways, here is the song... along with the lyrics (written kind of strangely... I didn't do it) and a translation. Enjoy!

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La Ley de Gravedad

MUCHAS felicidades, Puerto Rico, le desea la Calle 13.

Vo' a tener que ponerme un casco e fútbol
Hasta pa' salir a comprar en el mall
Un casco e fútbol pa' salvar el melón
No disparen mejol vamo a hacer el amor

Ponte una chaqueta a prueba e bala
Un casco en la chola
Que la cosa está mala
Sálganse del patio vámonos pa' la sala
Y desde la ventana ven las luces de bengala
Uppss ¡cuidao! una bala
Por poco te raja el cholón

Puerto Rico lo hace mejol
Aquí en el mar y el sol
Disparar pa' arriba es un vacilón
¡Ja ja ja ja!¡Ja ja ja!
Hasta que le dé una bala a tu nena
Ahí te va dar pena,ahí tú llora

No te haga el macho ahora
Tú llora
Cualquiera llora
con tanta cara linda que hay en el barrio
pa' que venga un brutosaurio
guillao de mercenario
a cagar el arroz con dulce del vecindario
no te creas también los empresarios disparan
y esos sí que tienen chavos pa' gastar en balas
tienen chavos pa' emborracharse con coñac

Por eso, yo me siento más seguro en Irak que en Puerto Rico
droga, violencia y mucho alcohol
Puerto Rico lo hace mejol

Gobernador, aquí se hace lo que usted decida
Después que usted escuche al pueblo
Vamo a to'as por encima de cualquier godzila
Yo voy pa' encima
Vo'a salirme de la tarima
vo'a a llegarle al pueblo
Vámonos en fila
Le vo'a llegar con to' y mochila
Y aunque muchos quieran
yo no me vo'a callar la boca

Es más un guardia mal educa'o es una bala loca
Un chamaquito sin escuela es una bala loca
Un maestro sin práctica es una bala loca


Si le va tirar al ganstel tírale de frente
Pero no pa' arriba que te lleva al inocente
Yo sé qué decir esto es fuerte pero es real
Aquí hay gente que vive pa' matal
Lo tenemos que aceptar
La verdá con la mano no se pue tapal
Que vamo'a hacel
Si ellos tienen que matal pa' comel
Los sueños lindos pa' Disney World
Pero disparar pa' arriba eso es de puerco
Es como 20 contra uno
Es como robarle el desayuno a un tecato
Eso es de puerco

La verdad
Esto de lógica, la ley de gravedad
To' lo que sube de seguro va a bajar
To' lo que sube de seguro va a bajar
To' lo que sube de seguro va a bajar


Mejol dispares pa'l agua pa bajo pa los pecesitos
Te matas un par de peces, despues te los comes,
Unas morcillitas con pesca'o.

Calle 13, Calle 13, más te crece.
The Law of Gravity

CONGRATULATIONS Puerto Rico from Calle 13

I'm gonna have to put on a football helmet
Just so I can go out shopping in the mall
A football helmet to save my melon
Don't shoot; better yet, let's go make love.

Put on a bulletproof vest
A helmet on your head
Since things are so bad.
"Get out of the patio, let's go to the living room
And from the window watch the lights from the sparklers
Oops careful! A bullet!
It nearly split your head."

Puerto Rico does it better
Here lying in sea and sun
Shooting in the air is a trip
Ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha...
Until you knock off your daughter

That's gonna bother you, there you go crying
Don't act all macho now
You'd cry
Anybody would cry
With so many sweet faces in the barrio
Just so a Brute-osaurus can show up
Stuck up like a mercenary
To come shit on the neighborhood party

Don't start thinking that executives also shoot
And they're the ones who do have money to waste on bullets
They have enough money to get drunk off of cognac
That's why I feel safer in Iraq
than in Puerto Rico
Drugs, violence and a lot of alcohol
Puerto Rico does it better.

Governor, here we do what you say
After you start listening to the people
We'll go on top of any Godzilla
Me, I'm heading for the top
I'm going to get off of the stage
I'm going to come to the people
Let's leave in a line
I'm gonna bring me all and show you what I got
And even though they all want it,
I am not going to shut up.

Besides that, a guard without education is a loose bullet
A kid without school is a loose bullet
A teacher without experience is a loose bullet.


If you gotta hit the gangsta shoot where he can see it
But not upwards because you'll take the life of somebody innocent
I know that admitting this hurts but it's real
Here there are people who live to kill
We have to accept it
You can't cover up the truth with your hands
What are we gonna do,
if they have to kill to eat?
The sweet dreams of Disney World
But shooting up in the air is sick
It's like 20 against 1
It's like stealing breakfast from a bum
It's just sick!

The truth is
This is simple logic, the law of gravity
All that goes up must come down
All that goes up must come down
All that goes up must come down


Better yet shoot down in the water at the fishies
And then you kill a pair of fish, and you eat 'em,
Some blood sausage with fish.

Calle 13, Calle 13, más te crece.

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mafuman said...

sorry i'm late, just started reading...
at some point and i dont recall if this turned out to be an urban myth, the prison gang 'las avispas' put out a notice that anyone who was jailed for killing/injuring anyone due to shooting into the air on new years would be summarily executed in prison.