December 3, 2007

Gay tourism in Puerto Rico?

So, before I prepare the word(s) of the week(s) (my bad), just wanted to share an article about gay tourism on the island.

I don't know how I feel about this. Not that I'm homophobic (definitely not), but Puerto Rico isn't exactly a paradise for gay tourism.

Okay, that sounds kind of strange. There are pockets of gay culture in a few parts of the island, particularly in San Juan and Aguadilla on the west coast, but the rest of the island can be pretty homophobic. I've heard of some really rough treatment of gays on the island. Not to say that everyone is homophobic, either, but since a lot of people are religious it's very hard to find accepting people. And about a year ago an attempt to enact gay marriage legislation was overwhemingly shot down.

That said, again let me remind everyone that there are fantastic gay areas in San Juan and Aguadilla, and there should be no problem in any tourism spots. But outside these areas it's a bit more difficult.

Also, this article is just strange. Why are the Fantastic 4 going to Puerto Rico to fight the chupacabras? I don't read comics anyways so let me say... what?

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