December 23, 2007

Another attempt to solve the political status of Puerto Rico!

I know I haven't really brought up politics yet... it's a matter of time, since politics are such a big deal. Anyways, here's two articles, the first a short coverage of what's happening in Congress and the second a longer and more academic take on it which I really recommend. It supplies a lot of background information necessary to anyone trying to understand Puerto Rico's current views on its political status.

I'm also adding a link to the website Puerto Rico Lifestyle Magazine to the side, since it's pretty funny and has some different tourist information (they write about some places I've never even heard of!). Drop by.


Anonymous said...

Wow man, thanks! (I'm the editor of I'll gladly give a link back in your direction. Contact me if you want and maybe I'll give you a quick write up as well.


Speaking Boricua said...

Sounds awesome, I'll be sure to do that!