January 10, 2008

Go to Puerto Rico! Please!

So again, I'm urging everyone to go to Puerto Rico. Not because I or anyone I know gets something from it (I wish!), but just because it is an amazing place with something for everyone.

This one article is suggesting that Puerto Rico is actually a cheap getaway (oh, what a concept!) and that you can get there during these awful winter months for under $500. I'm not sure how accurate her flight prices are (usually from DC it's no less than $300, and flights from NYC can be quite cheap), but it's an interesting plan nonetheless.

And hopefully while you're there, you won't have the... disappointing experience these people had. I am pretty sure that article is satire. If it's not, too bad. Just take it as satire anyways and don't get offended like my friend did when I sent it to her! (Sorry) Personally, I thought it was pretty funny and accurate.

I know I owe people a "real" post! It's coming!

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