July 14, 2008

And by "Yeah Puerto Rico!", I meant... not so much

Miss Puerto Rico, in case you are not Puerto Rican and hence weren't glued to your TV sets last night, did not win Miss Universe. Actually, she got cut the very first round (or whatever it's called).

How are they taking it on the island? I'm thinking not well.

It doesn't help that the DR and Venezuela both made it to the end, with Venezuela winning. That means that Puerto Rico and Venezuela are again tied for 2nd place for most winners (both have 5, as compared to the U.S. in the lead with 7 ).

Here is part of El Nuevo Día's bitter response (along with a translation, of course):

De inmediato pasaron a las preguntas finales. Ninguna pregunta impactante y tampoco las respuestas.

They suddenly skipped on to the final questions. There were no shocking questions or answers.

-Miss Colombia ha sido feliz toda su vida. TODA.*

-Miss Colombia has been happy all of her life. ALL OF IT.*

-Miss Venezuela cree que las mujeres no van directas al punto.

-Miss Venezuela believes that women aren't direct.

-Miss República Dominicana se ha tenido que sacrificar bastante en la vida, pero todo ha valido la pena.

-Miss Dominican Republic has had to sacrifice a lot in life, but it was all worth it.

-Miss México entiende que las mujeres están completamente satisfechas cuando tienen una vida balanceada entre la familia, el trabajo y la comunidad.

-Miss Mexico understands that women are completely satisfied when they have their life balanced between family, work, and the community.

-Miss Rusia está clara en que las mujeres cada vez son más fuerte y más inteligentes.

-Miss Russia is sure that women just keep getting stronger and smarter.

I warned you it was bitter.

*This part cracks me up.


Di said...

That part made me giggle too. Then again, I did not favor our candidate this time around, mainly because the Miss Puerto Rico people and the candidates all tried to look like Denise. Or European, like last year.

The current exModians said...


Don´t they always try to look European. To my recollection, only two dark women have won this contest (at least since I´ve been alive). Those were Miss Trinidad and Tobago and Miss Botswana.

Honestly, P.R. needs to get a grip and so should Venezuela. A beautiful Latin woman is a beautiful Latin woman, no matter where she´s from. And that includes the Euro-Latins. It´s the bloodline, which we all share, despite the flag we carry.