July 16, 2008

No freaking way

Apparently there is a very high possibility of the price of milk rising even more.

If you haven't been keeping up with the island in the last year or so, you'd probably have no way of knowing that the price of milk has risen exponentially, making it out of reach for most Puerto Rican budgets. Right now, according to the article, a gallon of milk costs on average $5.30. In comparison, in the states it's at an average of $4.00, with prices around $5.00 in some areas. Factoring in the huge difference of incomes, clearly the prices are ridiculously high. That's why most families have stopped buying milk.

So I find it shocking they can even consider rising the prices more than what they already are. At those prices, you may as well buy your own damn cow and raise it in your cramped backyard (or at least a goat, if I'm going to pretend to be halfway realistic).


Renee said...

Yes, I just bought a dozen eggs for $5.00. And not the free range kind. I can't imagine why so many Puerto Ricans are demonstrating the health effects of poor nutrition, since the cheapest protein source is now quite unaffordable.

I'm thinking about buying a plane ticket to Culebra and kidnapping some chickens.

Speaking Boricua said...

That's ridiculous! You are probably paying a super inflated price because of where you're living, though.

Apparently there are (or were) places where you can get chicks for about 25 cents... a lot cheaper than running off to Culebra. There are also plenty of chickens elsewhere on PR (in case you somehow missed them...?!), including houses, and so that's an option too.

If you had a chicken in your living quarters, then you would have definitely assimilated... hah!

Speaking Boricua said...

Yeah, according to a "source", you're paying about twice what you should be.

Time to find a new grocery store...