July 27, 2008


What with all the hype about the Batman movie, I thought I'd remind people of a couple things.

  • Movies in PR generally open a day or so earlier than in the U.S. If you are a film buff and like seeing a movie as soon as it comes out, or if you have a friend who does and you can brag that you got to see it first, you may want to move.
  • Caribbean Cinemas is the main movie theater chain. They show all the main movies in the U.S., sometimes a couple foreign ones in Spanish, and whatever Puerto Rican movie is out (if there are any). Also, ticket prices are $5.50 and I think Wednesday is "Ladies' Night", with tickets only $3.50. The first showing of each movie Monday through Friday is also only $3.50.
  • Unless the movie is already in Spanish, it will have Spanish subtitles. Popular movies are often shown both in English and dubbed in Spanish in another theater. The Spanish dubbed versions don't sell nearly as many tickets as the originals, so if you're desperate to see a movie and it sells out, try that.
As I'm sure you can imagine, catching a movie is a great (and in Puerto Rico, relatively inexpensive) way to avoid the heat. Or giant killer clouds of dust.


m. PR said...

Actually, ticket prices vary from theater to theater. In Caguas it's currenty $6.00 (it went up), and there's a sign that says "every child pays for G-rated movies". Still cheaper than in the US, though.

Petra H said...

It's right that Wednesdays are Ladies' night - which caused some confusion 1) the first time O and I went to the cinema and we didn't understand why the total prices was so low 2) when we were two couples going to the cinema but the girls were going to see Sex and the City and the guys some other film... complicated!

Speaking Boricua said...

Silly Caguas... I won't get into that though. Yeah, it's definitely a lot cheaper.
Yeah, it is confusing, but you saved money so what's the problem? Heh... usually there's a little paper sign somewhere telling you the day and price.