July 12, 2008

Let's talk competition for a minute

So the Olympics are rapidly approaching and, if I'm right, so is the Miss Universe contest. I don't really know much about either sports or beauty competitions, but things look promising for Puerto Rico. Miss Puerto Rico Ingrid Marie Rivera (famous for being victim of sabotage in the last beauty competition) is rumored to do very well, and the basketball team, despite losing to Slovenia recently, did beat the U.S. last week--but then again, they do have superstar Carlos Arroyo on the team. And let's be honest here, Boricuas are amazing at boxing and I'm expecting a lot from them.

I do have one hesitation about all this though--what is this outfit?! Traditional costume of Puerto Rico my ass! It's a Pocahontas-Rio de Janeiro hybrid, neither of which is Puerto Rico. Give me a regular old jíbaro outfit instead, at least it'd be halfway accurate. And it's not such an impossible idea. Although then again, it could be worse. It could be this.


MC Don Dees said...

I think there's something fishy about the US and PR basketball article. I don't think they played recently, and if you look at the copyright for the article, it says 2004, when they did play and PR did beat them. This would have been front page news in El Nuevo Dia and I saw nothing.

According to this article (http://www.usabasketball.com/news.php?news_page=2008mselteam) , the US National team wasn't even selected until 7/16, after the article. In related news, the US under 18 team just beat the PR team 108-64 (http://www.usabasketball.com/news.php?news_page=08_mu18_game_03).

Ahh, I found the definitive page (http://www.nba.com/athens2004/schedule.html), here is a list of the results of the 2004 Olympic Basketball, where PR and US met, the score is the same as the original article mentioned.

The current exModians said...

The feathers on her outfit were imported from the Amazon. You´re not too far off the mark.