July 21, 2008

Thinking of Puerto Rico

Out of curiosity, when you think of Puerto Rico, what image pops into your head? Is it one of the countless beaches? Maybe the jungle and el Yunque? Las garitas in San Juan (a popular one off and on the island)? The city of Old San Juan? Salsa dancing? Cacos and their reggaetón? A specific dish? A specific person?

For me, it's always the houses. The combination of gates everywhere, cement, rooflessness, and bright colors guarantees that the houses are always going to be what I think of first when I hear "Puerto Rico". Maybe it's just because I spend a lot of time in them.

How about you?

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The current exModians said...

This is an iteresting question that my mother and I have asked ourselves before.

First thing I think of is the smell of goat poop. Yes, believe it or not. But not in a bad way. I recall the pungent smell of goat manure because I associate it with my great-grandfather´s finca near Rincón.

My mom´s first image is the riscos which overlooked the river near her house.

Neither one of us thinks of San Juan. San Juan somehow seems foreign to those of us from other parts of the island.